my character doesn’t just need lovers

They need enemies that break them and force them to test their morals

They need friends that will backstab them and hurt their feelings

They need an enemy that will become a friend

They need friends that they…


it’s very important that i am both cute and powerful

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Six Things You May Not Have Known About INTJs


I’m not going to give a type description, because I’ll just flatter myself. But you know INTJs: the masterminds. The kid who gets voted both “most likely to become Prime Minister” and “most likely to become a serial murderer.” The knowledgable, competent, rational type. Forward-thinkers and strategists. The second-rarest type in general and the rarest type among females.

So here’s six things, written by an INTJ, that you may not have known about INTJs. Yes, these are generalisations, and the “six things” won’t apply to all INTJs; individuals are all completely unique, and these are based off but from reading and research along with personal experience, these are five things I think are interesting but not obvious about this personality type.

INTJs can be good at “saying what others want to hear”; they can make great speechmakers or master manipulators.

The INTJ is honestly happiest being brutally honest. But they’re also very strategic thinkers, which makes them quite adaptable and versatile; and calling people on their bullshit isn’t very strategically advantageous in a vast majority of situations. An INTJ in an area of life that requires a lot of social interaction or simply one that sees this as a way to get what they want will acquire the ability to appear like other types, to tell what others want to hear them say, and to give a rousing speech. It’s an ability some INTJs like to be able to put in their toolbox. Their quick thinking and objective observations can even give them a sharp wit and deadpan sarcasm, and their research abilities, natural confidence, and intelligence will make them good public speakers. Some INTJs can make cool, rational observations about the feelings of others and figure out exactly what buttons to push to get the result they want, although depending on their moral opinions, they might avoid doing this.

Incidentally, it’s also part of why INTJ characters make great villains. Just sayin’. (Moriarty, Voldemort, Hannibal Lecter, Bryan Cranston, Reddington from The Blacklist… all evil dudes. All INTJs.)

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Pretty damn accurate. Usually I don’t like boxing people in with personality tests but (for me at least) Myers Briggs is scary accurate.

…And has me convinced that I have a future career in being an evil mastermind.